Mr Chips

Mr Chips is a chair that seeks to exploit the inherent advantages of oriented wood strand materials: He is green and he is cheap. Usually found loitering in break out spaces and cafes, he is just at home in the domestic environment. His relaxed posture lends itself well to the casual sitter, but shows enough support for eating and meetings.

The chair is born from a research study into applications of wood strand moulding in furniture design, and aims to offer an alternative. As well as being cheaper and more environmentally friendly than plywood, the process also offers more flexibility in the moulding process. The clean simplicity of the design intends to focus on the new aesthetic of the wood, where beauty is revealed from a finish more common to the construction site than the home. An almost holographic effect is presented as the interweaving grains catch the light, giving the chair an appearance like no other.

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Mr Chips... green and cheap