A Little Introduction

Brohg Industrial is founded by Harry Osborne and Alan Ramsay for the creation, production and marketing of industrial design for the domestic, contract and professional work environments.

Brohg Industrial is rooted in heritage of simple creative innovation. To brohg is to make holes. Celtic bog-farmers gave the popular shoes their name by ‘brohging’ their footwear to let water out. This sort of practical insight defines, for us, real innovation.

Brohg Industrial’s experimental approach and indiscriminate absorption of inspiration ensures that surprise and intrigue are constant feature of our work. We are design toddlers. Nothing is immune to being referenced, so look out for our more emotional and ornate pieces, coming soon.

Brohg Industrial harnesses the results of these technical findings to deliver genuinely usable benefits that engage users; the results of our fundamentally inquisitive attitude seem to resonate with people on a very basic level, something we will continue to explore.

Pulling together launch with help of lots of coffee